This Little-Known Biotech Company is Quickly Becoming a Paramount Player in the Mental Health Industry

Learn about how this company could also become a major disruptor in the market for medical psychedelics.

Research by Tim Collins and Bob Byrne of Streetlight Equity

July 20, 2021

Watch this brief video to get the exciting story or keep reading for the five surprising reasons this company could bring you windfall profits:

This video reveals how a little-known company’s breakthrough medical psychedelics could ease the suffering of the 704 million people who suffer from mental disorders and become a global leader in its field. Watch it now or read below for all five surprising reasons this company’s stock could be a big winner.

One little-known biotech company could be the next big winner when investors realize how close it is to revolutionizing the market for psychotropic drugs used to treat mental health disorders. We’re going to help you get a jump on other investors by explaining how this company’s cutting-edge compounds and breakthrough manufacturing process could improve the lives of 704 million people and the wealth of the its shareholders. Right now, select biotech stocks are generating spectacular returns.

Just look at this:

Year-to-date gain

(calculated to May 4, 2021)
  • KemPharm, Inc. [KMPH] ……………………………………… 1,177.78%
  • Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. [ACOR] …………………………….. 84%
  • Moleculin Biotech, Inc. [MBRX] …………………………………. 60%
  • Pandion Therapeutics, Inc. [PAND] …………………………… 38%
  • Acaris Therapeutics, Inc. [ACRS] ……………………………….. 84%
  • Intrexon Corporation [XON] …………………………………….. 99%
  • Rubius Therapeutics, Inc. [RUBY] ……………………………… 39%
  • IntelGenx Technologies Corp. [IGXT] ………………………… 36%
  • Entera Bio Ltd. [ENTX] ………………………………………………. 11%
  • Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. [SNSS] ………………………… 34%

Year-to-date gain

(calculated to May 4, 2021)
  • KemPharm, Inc. [KMPH] …1,177.78%
  • Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. [ACOR] …84%
  • Moleculin Biotech, Inc. [MBRX] …. 60%
  • Pandion Therapeutics, Inc. [PAND] … 38%
  • Acaris Therapeutics, Inc. [ACRS] … 84%
  • Intrexon Corporation [XON] … 99%
  • Rubius Therapeutics, Inc. [RUBY] … 39%
  • IntelGenx Technologies Corp. [IGXT] … 36%
  • Entera Bio Ltd. [ENTX] … 11%
  • Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. [SNSS] … 34%

Mindset Pharma (OTC: MSSTF / CSE: MSET) could soon be on that list.

That’s why we wrote the research report called Mindset Pharma and The Psychotropic Drug Revolution, which we would like to send you today. And why we’re about to reveal the 6 reasons to invest in Mindset today.

Before we share those reasons, let me introduce myself. My name is Bob Byrne. I’ve been a trader since my sophomore year in college. In 2005, I made one billion dollars’ worth of trades. In 2006, that number doubled. Today, my business partner Tim Collins – whose firm bought Facebook and Twitter in the early 2010’s before they were public companies – and I operate Streetlight Equity. Our mission, the reason we wake up in the morning, is to provide everyday investors – you – an edge in the markets. We talk to company CEOs, CFOs, watch stock charts and identify the early stages of big trends to make you money.  And we publish the best investments we can find in our newsletter.

Our latest find is Mindset Pharma. Here’s why we believe this investment could potentially mint new fortune: A $45 billion market. The market for psychotropic drugs is enormous. Annual sales, currently $27 billion, are projected to soar to $45 billion by 2025.

 Reason #1: Psilocybin Treats Depression and Other Illnesses Better
Than Any Other Pharmaceuticals Currently Available in Clinical Trials

Psilocybin is the substance derived from mushrooms and studies show it treats an amazingly wide range of psychiatric and neurological conditions better than current medications, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • ADHD
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Neuropathic pain
  • End-of-life angst

And that’s where Mindset Pharma (OTC: MSSTF / CSE: MSET) enters the picture and not only offers 704 million people a new, better chance at relief from depression, anxiety and other mental ailments, but also investors the chance at potentially eye-popping profits.

Reason #2: Mindset Pharma creates a better psilocybin

Despite its efficacy, psilocybin has drawbacks, which Mindset has overcome. For one, psilocybin is a somewhat “messy” drug. It breaks down into a number of different compounds in the body, only one of which (psilocin) has therapeutic value.

The “byproduct” compounds provide no benefit to the patient and create the possibility of toxic side effects. In fact, patients who take other prescription drugs as well as psilocybin are almost guaranteed to experience side effects since these byproduct compounds tend to interact with other medications.

Mindset has overcome the purity problem by developing a patent-pending process for creating a synthetic psilocybin in the laboratory that has all the benefits of the compound extracted from mushrooms, but without any of the side effects.

Mindset isn’t the first company to produce a synthetic psilocybin. However, it has a synthesis process that gives it a huge competitive advantage.

Reason #3: Mindset makes psilocybin affordable

According to Matthew Johnson, a professor at John Hopkins University who has conducted extensive research, pharmaceutical grade psilocybin costs between $7,000 and $10,000 per gram.

The conventional approach is so expensive because the people doing the work, the chemistry procedures used to synthesize the compound, the purity of pre-cursors, and the equipment used in the manufacturing process all have to meet exacting FDA standards. Mindset has cleverly devised a way to combine some of the steps in this extremely complicated process.

The company’s patent-pending methodology still complies with FDA regulations, but radically reduces production costs. And it’s scalable, meaning it can be used to produce psilocybin in commercial quantities without losing the cost advantage. During a recent conversation, Joseph Araujo, Mindset’s Chief Scientific Officer, told us that this new approach allows the company to produce psilocybin for “hundreds, not thousands of dollars.” Even at $1,000, Mindset’s cost would be just 10% to 14.2% of what it costs competitors to produce psilocybin. And slashing the cost of a key drug component by 90% is usually a sure path to outsized profits.

This means it could sell its products for less than other companies and could thus grab more market share faster. However valuable this synthesis process is, what the company is doing with it could turn out to be even more valuable.

    Reason #4: Multiple ways to profit

    Mindset is using its patent-pending synthesis process to create not just one drug candidate, but over 75 different psilocybin based compounds, divided into two different groups:

    The Macro dosing compounds are designed to work quickly, but to wear off quickly as well. This type of drug must be administered in a medical facility.

    The Micro dosing compounds are designed to be taken regularly in small doses. The lower dosage provides therapeutic results without causing a hallucinogenic experience, which is one of the reasons psychedelic drugs got such a bad rep for a while. Because these drugs have a longer duration, they benefit the patient throughout the day. Micro dosing is the preferred approach for treating, for example, ADHD in children where a hallucinogenic experience is undesirable.

    The company’s psilocybin-based compounds have undergone successful in vitro and in vivo testing. And selected candidates are now ready for the next step on the road to eventual FDA approval.

    In addition to its psilocybin-based compounds, Mindset is researching drugs based on DMT and 5-MeO-DMT. These naturally occurring chemicals found in many plants have a chemical structure similar to tryptamine, a close cousin of dopamine
    and serotonin.

       Reason #5: Everything that makes a small-cap biotech stock so profitable

      In addition to promising research (and more to come), Mindset Pharma has all of the things we look for in a small-cap biotech stock:

      • Patent-protected intellectual property (over 75 psilocybin-based drug candidates, plus an additional amounts based on DMT and 5-MeO-DMT)
      • A huge potential market (704 million people!)
      • Sufficient cash to fund research ($8.5 million to fund development)
      • Solid management and an extremely talented science team
      • A competitive edge (a synthesis process that slashes costs 90%)

      Our new Special Report, Mindset Pharma and The Psychotropic Drug Revolution, is a good place to start your own due diligence research. It’s one of  4 Special Reports (a combined $99 value) you’ll receive with a no-risk trial subscription to Streetlight Equity’s online newsletter.


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      Research by Tim Collins and Bob Byrne of Streetlight Equity

      July 20, 2021

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